Fascinating Details That You Need To Know About the Apple Watch

An Apple watch is an ideal gadget that the Apple Company released early last year, and it has proved to provide the customer with the needs that they are looking for. The watch coast approximately 349 USD and comes with features that are designed to make your life easy as an iPhone user.  With over seven million units sold within its fast few months, the watch seems to be a mush have especially if you love Apple products. Below, you will find all the necessary aspects that you need to know about this device. We will dive into every specification and everything else that you need to know when it comes to ordering and buying the Apple’s Watch.

There Are Mainly Two Sized

Most smartwatches that cell phone spy are currently in the market come with round faces, but the Apple device is a square watch and has rounded watches. If you are interested in buying these watch, you will find that it comes in two sizes, the 38mm one and the 42mm one (which is measured from the top of the face to the bottom). The pixels of the two variety of watches are different:

  • Resolution of the 42mm version is 390*312 pixels with pixel density of 302ppi
  • Resolution of the 38mm version is 340*272 pixels with pixel density of 290ppi

Hardware Specifics

As always, Apple has not provided so much info about the hardware specification of the watch. However, what we do know about this device is that it functions on a totally new chip, which is referred as the S1 chip. The process of the watch is said to be similar to the a5 silicone used in the iPhone 4S.

Another hardware feature that the watch has is the gyroscope and accelerometer, which mainly tracks one’s movement for health purposes, which is an ideal feature for wearable. When it comes to the storage capability, the Apple Watch has a total of 8GB storage with 2GB dedicate only for music.

There’s Apps in Abundance

Developers have been working on the apps to be used on the Apple watch since the Year 2014, all thanks to the WatchKit API. Earlier standalone apps were not available to devs but know there are over 3,000 apps ready for use, with the number growing daily.

Third Party Apps

Last year, the designer of the Apple Watch announced that native apps will be arriving on the Apple Watch with the Watch second operating system. The CEO, Tim Cook, announces that this was a very brave move for Apple, and now developers have the chance to create apps that can change people lives.

The new platform will utilize the App Logic directly, which will mean that the device can run standalone apps on all iOS devices. The apps can be able to work on their own, thus, developers will have more access than before.

What about Siri?

Similar to all Apple devices, the Apple Smart Watch also has the voice recognition features, Siri. Once the update will be done on the device, you will be able to use Siri to reply to an email with smart replies and emoji, similar to the Android Wear (voice dictation).

Final details on the Watch

Once you decide to buy the smartwatch, you will find that it has a stainless steel case, which can be polished with a metal look or space black. You can choose from three different leather bands depending on your preference. Another neat thing about the watch is that you can get all your notifications as yo would on your iPhone.