How to Make Money Freelancing

In the modern gig market, people have more chance to earn extra money or their primary income through freelance gigs. One of the biggest examples would be drivers for ride share services. These independent contractors manage their own mini-businesses by providing rides and delivery services on their own schedules. If you are interested in free-lance opportunities, the chances are that you have some skills or tools that others would be happy to pay you for. Graphic designers, writers, accountants, programmers – all kinds of skilled labor is needed to fill the holes of other businesses. If you have a skill that you can use on independent gigs you can make additional weekend money or, if you’re lucky and hardworking, a primary income that lets you quit your day job.

One benefit of being an independent driver with firms like Lyft is that the company manages the app and helps you connect directly with customers in need of a ride. The app also guarantees you get paid for your work by taking customers’ credit card information and funneling the payments to you. These firms take a fee off of each ride, but they do make sure that no one can jump out of your car without paying for the ride. For skilled labor there are also websites and services that can provide the same kind of tools for communication and guaranteed payments.

One major website/service that provides these tools is UpWork, a site the can help you find work in all kinds of computer and administrative skills. Businesses can post the parameters of jobs they need completed, and workers can bid on the projects of their choice. The easy-to-use webpage also facilitates tracking hourly work, submitting final files, and ensuring payment for completed jobs. Like driving services there is a fee taken out for the use of this tool, but it still lets you earn money doing only the jobs you want. The site connects potential clients to skilled workers of all types. If you are a master at accounting, an expert programmer, or a writer just getting started there will be plenty of jobs for you to bid on to improve your portfolio.

If you choose not to go through a third-party website, there is lots of freelance work to find on sites like Craigslist. Any sites or forums where clients can post job openings can be searched for the kind of work you do. This allows you to contact potential clients directly and deal with them one on one. However, this option does not come with the tools and payment guarantees of third-party websites. In order to protect yourself you will want to secure a contract and a hard agreement on payment before beginning any work. Getting a down payment towards the work is also a good idea, because it guarantees some payment in case the job goes south for any reason. Take the time to document communications with the client as well so there is a clear line of responsibility in the event of a disagreement between you and the client.

Another tool to have if you freelance on your own is a convenient way to accepts payments. There are several sites and apps that can help facilitate this. Paypal has been on the market for years, but there are newer competitors on the market like Venmo. These services make it easy to send payments and refunds electronically so that clients do not have to put a check in the mail. By making the payment process more convenient you are reducing any obstacles to getting paid.

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Why Your Business Should Utilize Facebook Live

The latest feature that has revitalized Facebook is Facebook Live. With Facebook Live, any business or personal page can live stream right from their cell phone and other compatible devices. It is truly an easy and effective way to grow your business on social media among your target audience. Here’s why your business should utilize Facebook Live.

Personalized Audience Engagement

While using live stream, your audience/followers can comment and ask questions below the video. With this, it makes it easy for the business to comment back to comments posted or like comments made by fans in real time.

Tip: It’s always great when you respond to fan’s comment via the video instead of the comment section.

This creates more of a personalized interaction between the business and followers during the live stream itself vs. just having a live stream. Having this live stream experience satisfies that audiences need to know the business really cares about them and is present on Facebook. This type of live stream experience has been highly successful when live streaming exclusive interviews whether on the red carpet or in a studio with famous celebrities. It’s live tweeting live but in video form!

Increased Audience Reach

Videos of any form are known to have more reach on Facebook especially those live streamed. Live streamed videos not only reached your followers but are visible to all. To help increase your live stream audience reach, create hype posts leading up the live stream so your followers share about it on their Facebook pages.

Increased Page Likes

Naturally with live stream creating a personalized experience and more audience reach comes more business page likes. A cool feature on Facebook Live is that you can post during the live stream asking viewers to follow your page. So, the next time you live stream, those who followed you will be notified.

Live stream Exclusive Content

With LIVE, you can live stream content that you can choose to only be seen on Facebook. For example, live streaming from an exclusive business event, lecture, conference, etc. that normally people would not be able to attend. By doing this, it not only promotes your business but helps create interest and buzz on Facebook among those interested in your industry.

Here’s an example: You are a radio talk show and are having a celebrity singer visit. Being a radio, this is a special visit most people would not be able to see, only hear. Fans of this singer would most likely be more interested in seeing in video the singer vs. on the radio. So, you create hype about the live stream (targeting his/her fans) and live stream the visit possibly featuring him/her singing on air. This live stream is not only creating buzz among your radio fans but those who love the singer who visited. Fans in general are interested in exclusive, one of kind events/experiences.

Revitalizes Your Business Marketing Campaign

As part of your Social Media Marketing Campaign, should ALWAYS include video. As said before, live streamed videos creates more engagement, more personalization and ultimately, more pages likes. Followers are used to the traditional sharing your product posts and themed days like “Monday Motivation”. Live streaming, whether it be of an event or of yourself, helps spice up your campaign and deviate from the normal practices. The whole point of live streaming to benefit your business is to make the videos your own so your business differs from your competitors.

Overall, Facebook Live stream can greatly benefit your business. If you are not using this tool, you should! Otherwise, you are missing out on something that can not only improve your business on Facebook but help you get to know your followers.

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Getting For Gain

Deal employees, or self-employed persons, are priceless to small enterprises. They fill critical places with no expense of a fulltime worker. They do’t need health treatment benefits, generally. They are able to usually be attained beyond the nine-to-five time period, which will be critical for companies that need to view company action during off-hours. And in case you discover the appropriate deal employee that goes beyond the scope of the job, like providing added investigation, distributing added spread sheets of penetration in to your job, or simply checking in, you’ve hit gold. And there’s a great opportunity the freelancer may be employed again.

Company Information Everyday reports that Jason Snagusky, creator and leader of states: “We call an even more comprehensive change towards agreement workers and using freelancer staff to load knowledge differences, along with functions typically done by full time workers, to help facilitate business costs and increase cashflow. Several smaller businesses may continue to use the Artist version, where small, skilled groups are constructed to satisfy the requirements of a specific customer or job, subsequently disbanded after end. The emphasis towards thin, effective work techniques are critical to boost topline increase. This becomes predominant provided the raising prices of keeping full time staff, and growing health care prices.”

This disbanding of ATEAM after job conclusion represents now’s rapid fire method of company. Corporations may use a-team for a six-week job and after that promptly apply the wheels, and hire a fresh group for an alternative appointment. And opposite to popular impression, self-employed persons may be onsite, also – maybe not merely a faceless employee on

If companies are onsite for a short time period, what does each job need, besides the gifts of that competent employee? What about equipment? Notebook computers, cellphones, printers – all need to be discussed and then discussed again by means of another in-Coming group. That’s lots of leg-work. And should you spend firm-given mobile phones to several companies, how do you have the reassurance to understand that each apparatus has been managed in a expert way in several fingers?

Autoforward is a cell phone spy app that enables companies to keep track of most enterprise exercise that’s using location on a business-released mobile apparatus. The business can see all the significant activities the agreement employee is included in, including c-all logs, texts, interpersonal press action (s O important as of late, as an enormous number of advertising is completed through social press stations), GPS location and significantly more. Autoforward h-AS a straightforward three-step procedure for down-load, install and track and is really cost effective for any company with one flatrate and no month-to-month charges. Subsequently, as the contractor revolving-door re-writes about, which mobile phone is spread to yet another face, any firm may sleep easy that there’s simply enterprise trans acting at all occasions. And maybe not monkey business. With price decrease being on the vanguard of every Chief Executive’s head, it makes ideal business sense that out-sourcing function is the correct choice. Free-lancers are here to remain.

Diamorphine’s Huge Recovery

Heroin…it’s producing a huge comeback. And simply like the terrible times of the early seventies, the papers are saturated in stories about overdoses, heartbreaking deaths, and ineffectual governmental handwringing on what to do to fight this silent fantastic. documented that “it’s turn into a dirt cheap alternative to the prescription opiates mistreated by an incredible number of Americans. With a dose of diamorphine today trying to sell for as small as $5 to $10, about 669,000 individuals acknowledged utilizing heroin in 2012, nearly dual the quantity in 2007, in line with the National Survey on Drug-Use and Wellness.”

What causes the drug’s revival in America will not be completely obvious, but it’s probably a combined result of a few contributing factors. Some commentators mention a crack down on the access to prescription opiates like Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet. In the lack of pharmaceuticalgrade medications, addicts are switching to more affordable and mo Re-accessible road heroin to nourish their addictions. Yet another assumed variable is the get back of military employees from your opium growing areas of Afghanistan, where young Americans are uncovered to opium-centered medication companies since the U.S. attack almost fifteen years past.

And diamorphine’s new recognition can also be a product of the passage through of period. When we feel about the “war on drugs” and also the American drug tradition of the 1980s, 1990s and since 2,000, we believe generally of cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and custom synthetic drugs like mdma.

Therefore in 2015, substance abusers fall upon heroin as a medication with no lot of stigma. Diamorphine was long considered a “poor” medicine and a known monster in the 1960s and 70s. Also these in the counter-culture who have vast amounts of other prohibited substances switched away from heroin also it dropped out of favour.

But these with immediate experience viewing diamorphine snuff out youthful lifestyles are aged or lifeless and inaccessible to relate genuinely to younger drug-users to alert them of diamorphine’s risks.

Whatever the contributing factors, Diamorphine exists on American roads right today, and it’s harmful. Diamorphine h-AS for ages been extremely addictive, however, in 2015, diamorphine is more powerful than actually, which highly-genuine narcotic is generally accessible and more affordable than actually.

Some press outlets are also calling Us’s expanding heroin issue an outbreak. Heroin misuse is a fastgrowing ailment, and one which is receiving lots of interest as a result of allergy of departures in overdose casualties. In a few American towns, overdose deaths are occurring every week end, sometimes daily.

For a lot of households, their first clean with the expanding threat of diamorphine is when a family member bears an od. Distressed junkies, testing young ones, and actually first period consumers dabbling with heroin may all find yourself in the morgue, their loves left to type away what occurred and the things that they could did otherwise.

When attempting to think of methods to retain their kids secure in the threat of diamorphine and additional hazardous medicines, some parents are looking at digital signifies to keep an eye on a kid’s tasks and place. Outside of an ankle bracelet required by a tribunal, a committed cell phone monitoring software program may possibly offer the best signifies possible to maintain track of a kid’s actions.

Contemporary cell phone tracking technologies may be set up by parents on their small kids’s cellphones and may provide the parents penetration into every-thing the kid does when abroad. The app generates a sign of all types of advice from your kid’s phone including it place, drenched every short while, the phone numbers called and calling to the phone and the calls’ length, the transmitters and receivers of texting, along with their articles, along with this content and e-mails delivering and getting every email which is included via the secure phone.

By offering parents a very important string of penetrations, cell phone monitoring applications like Autoforward may provide an early caution which their kids are showing harmful patterns of behaviour, consorting with unsavory individuals, seeing unsafe places or discussing illegal actions utilizing their cellphones. Although nobody device may retain children totally risk-free, the insights provided by monitoring applications often means a chance to save your self the existence of a young man. What might be an improved use of engineering than that?

The Brighter Facet of Technology

Think of most you utilize your mobile phone for now that you’d never consider was possible a decade past. It’s possible for you to apply for jobs out of your phone. You may bunch finance you’re favourite job. You will find your favourite eatery when you’re touring. It’s possible for you to locate an excellent dentist around the nook with a tap of a switch and an instant browse lookup. Obviously it is possible to shop and flow your favourite picture also. Not to mention you may discuss your favourite pictures, videos and memes while modernizing your Face Book position.

What sort of web affects your lifestyle and discovers your day-to-day tasks these times is beyond measure. It also expands towards relief initiatives, as reported from New York Times. “The smart-phone give-away software, although modest, typifies the manner Fresh Region technical firms have began to answer the glaring homelessness issue right outside their lavish business grounds: maybe not by giving clothing or serving meals, but by utilizing technology.” This narrative connects the circumstances of Carol Leonard who employed her Nexus 5 smart-phone and Craigslist to find himself a condo. Most people that encounter stressful periods and need to enhance their lifestyles understand that lifestyle ca’t shift forward without engineering.

Still another illustration of how engineering plays an essential role in relief initiatives are examples for example communicating all through a normal catastrophe. According to Intelligent World Wide Wellness, engineering is the first level touch-point to preserving lifestyles. “In crises, communication often means the distinction between lifeanddeath. Replies to largescale relief crises like governmental battles and organic problems are no exception… Consider, like the 2010 quake that ruined Haiti. Children routed pleas for assist via text, and concerned residents around the planet blocked directly into help you. Volunteer-based along with additional engineering teams utilized cloud-, bunch-, and text messaging-based systems to collect, interpret, find, and print details about pressing relief needs. Almost all of this occurred beyond the conventional relief system.” It’s an extra world today, one where technologies is an important participant.

With most of the great that cellphones and technologies may do on a synoptic scale, how may that lead to business achievement on a considerably smaller-scale? You may not be preserving lifestyles from a fatal mudslide, but your company must prosper in a unique small globe. Mobile monitoring like Autoforward may aid any tiny enterprise enhance productivity and effectiveness by perhaps not just monitoring a member of staff when he/she is off-site, however, by backing up important firm information an boss may see if that worker called in ill or is on holiday. The consumer dash offers the consumer use of strong reporting, like textmessage monitoring, call logs, web browser history, GPS place, stealth digicam and significantly mo-Re.

Existence h-AS enhanced considerably with the arrival of technology and mobile phone communication. You may also conserve a existence. With Autoforward, your professional life may be preserved by crucial treatment, also: no mo-Re dropped documents or wasted employee time. And you can forget explanations about both!


Vamping is a teen tendency that several parents do not know about – and why? Because it’s occurring while the parents are resting. In accordance with Teen Fashion, “more and more teenagers are stealing their computers and telephone numbers in to mattress and booking the early hrs of the morning for mingling rather than sleeping…the midst of the night is the one moment you’ll be able to devote doing anything you need, whether that’s trapping, tweeting, ‘gramming, or bingeing. When the opinions and wants begin putting in in your 3 AM selfie, it may feel just like you’re portion of a club.”

Vamping certainly presents a risk to your teen’s well-being in two methods: sleep-deprivation and possible disappointment in college. If sleep deprivation happens, the danger of slipping behind the wheel is a significant problem. A CDC report asserts that “Motor car accidents are the leading killer for U.S. teenagers… The danger of car accidents is greater among 16- to 19-year olds than among any generation. The truth is, per kilometer driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are almost 3 times more likely than motorists aged 20 and older to stay a deadly crash.” Picture how this current tendency of vamping changes an already high-risk generation where fearlessness and immaturity currently lead to poor driving and deadly mishaps. When you’re exhausted, you’re not at all at your best in terms of decision making.

Vamping changes schoolwork because, actually, how much focus is Nancy offering her calculus course when she’s nodding off at her table? How much studying is she really do-ing in geography when she ca’t focus? How several dunks may she make in hockey training if she lacks psychological and bodily vigor? If Karen’s levels begin to falloff, today her mom may nail the particular reasons concerning why: exorbitant pre-morning texting, talking, Instagramming, and Facebooking on her behalf mobile phone. Interpersonal press and expert con-Tact all through these overdue hrs may trigger any teen’s scores to fall. Those hrs formerly created for remainder and brainpower development at the moment are producing Betty exhausted, dark, and forgetful.

Where does Autoforward come in? Autoforward is a cell phone monitoring applications and text monitor that may cease vamping before it gets out of get a handle on and your kid gets kicked out-of-school, or worse, eliminates himself or some body otherwise from dropping off to sleep behind the wheel. The software setup is as easy as down-load, install and track. As the concerned parent and authorized person of such phone, you immediately have access to telephone logs, texts (also removed types!) Sociable press action, GPS location, plus much mo-Re. Today you are able to have the reassurance you’ll need, and your teen’s phone becomes accessible for you, at ANY GIVEN hour – maybe not only all through the FOUR a.m. vamping hrs.

Oh-No, I Dropped My Mobile

Many folks have had it occur to them previously or still another. You want it, . However, it seems like you’ve today misplaced it. You’d it just one minute ago after which suddenly it absolutely was simply eliminated. And when it had been your car tips, your wallet, or perhaps only your eyeglasses, you’re heading to have some significant annoyance if you ca’t locate it and get it again. And according into a CNBC statement, 3 4% of Americans do’t procure their smart phone, perhaps not even with an easy lock signal.

Unlike misplacing an umbrella or shedding your favourite pencil, you can find some issues you simply genuinely ca’t manage to lose, and among the best ones can be your mobile apparatus. Dropping your mobile phone or I-pad is like shedding your wallet, your cam and your brief case at one time, and you’ll find several monetary, private, and safety problems that come in to perform.

On the fiscal aspect there’s the straightforward problem that some one might be producing calls to Cina on your mobile strategy, but that’s maybe not actually the largest fiscal problem any-more. No, the larger problem may possibly function as the credit card information, code words, and pre-documented accessibility to buying websites and account businesses which is saved in your phone’s storage and browser background.

From an individual point of view there can be-all kinds of pictures and private information stored in your device, that you wouldn’t need noticed by strangers and on occasion even friends who may locate your phone and examine it before returning it to you personally.

From a protection standpoint there are such things as your house tackle and the titles, phone figures and handles of all of your connections. Perhaps you’ve saved significant files in your phone or got your banking, charge card or pension plans. N-one of these are things you’d need to tell the random stranger who may possibly discover your phone in a parking-lot, restaurant or cab.

All those issues appear if you drop your own personal phone, however, imagine if the dropped phone or mobile apparatus is one you provided to a worker of your business? Needless to say the user’s private info is nevertheless at danger, but s O can be your business’s secret and amazing information. Such a thing from accessibility to your own CRM to duplicates of cost linens and quotations can enter the wrong palms. Even though the private danger and responsibility are nevertheless substantial, the threat to your own business might be disastrous.

One factor that may shield you out of your own or your workers’ reduction of a mobile device is a cell phone tracking program. Modern monitoring applications h-AS quite a few integrated features that help decrease the threat which is introduced when a phone, I pad or additional mobile device is unexpectedly not in its user’s ownership any-more.

Because cell phone monitoring applications supplies a distant link with the phone, it may aid really locate it.

Utilizing the phone’s integrated GPS capabilities, the monitoring applications provides a sign of the Global Positioning System coordinates for where the phone continues to be every FIVE moments. A phone that dropped away of a wallet and is staying somewhere may possibly be simple to locate if offered a basic indicator of where to seem.

Still another capacity might be to trigger the phone’s cam slightly. Utilizing the cell phone tracking applications, it is possible to shoot images with the phone’s cam from a distant place, and the photographs are automatically included with the distant sign. Regarding a stolen phone, this might provide useful evidence about who h-AS the phone, at the place where they’re, and what they have been doing.

As well as if it ca’t aid regain your phone, the monitoring applications may change the phone faraway from a distant place. S O if some body h-AS the phone and needs to put it to use whether to utilise its words and data systems or to obtain information in its storage, you’re able to basically secure them outside by sealing down the phone.

How Do You Spy On Text Messages?

Texting are the fresh key signal. Where otherwise may some one have a conversation correct before additional individuals with entire seclusion? Whether it’s in work, in the house, or anyplace otherwise, texts are a kind of communicating with higher anticipations of privateness than the usual phone dialogue, a message trade, as well as a face-to-face speak. There are not any comments to overhear, in addition to , unlike a monitor, it’s quite hard for some one to study your make if you do’t need them to.

All that makes texting a nice-looking option for people that need to discuss points they do’t need the others to know about. And when you’re the one spending for his or her mobiles, as having a reliant as well as a member of staff, they can actually be keeping things from you to the phone you buy.

But should you be the phone proprietor you can find methods you can spy on text messages. There are cell phone spy software applications like Autoforward, that’ll let you observe every text which arrives to or from a monitored phone. Here’s the way you set it up.

Stage No 1: Select and buy your applications

Once you buy the app (For instance to get aone-period charge of $69.99), you are going to instantly obtain an e-mail with a down-load hyperlink, user name, password and permit crucial that may enable you to fill the text message spy software onto the specific phone.

Stage Number 2: Install the applications on the target apparatus

The setup may need you to have infinite use of the mobile device you would like to monitor. You mush have bodily accessibility to these devices, and also you mush have password accessibility. The setup is only going to take about five moments and can be accomplished by phone’s web connection or via a Hardware cable as well as a wifi, Blue Tooth link for telephone numbers without net.

Measure No 3: Sit straight back and allow the program gather data

Once the spy phone app is packed onto the target device, it begins gathering info automatically. It gathers every text-message delivered to or from your specific apparatus, for example, identification of transmitters and receivers, together with the whole articles of the textmessage. Innovative applications like Autoforward additionally gather related info from as numerous as 1-5 monitoring capabilities. This software monitors e-mails provided for and from your phone, in addition to signing all calls to and in the phone, monitoring its area by GPS, and tracking all programs on the phone as well as their use, therefore you get tons of info from texting and almost the rest that occurs on the focused phone.

Measure Number 4: See the info out of your own apparatus

The spy app directs all the information from your target phone to your secure on-line host, where it’s kept to your review. This information is in addition to the info maintained the phone, s O also messages removed in the phone are held in the record. It’s possible for you to obtain and see all this information via your own consumer dash, that’ll present you almost every-thing that required location on the mark device. The dash may be obtained from a pc or out of your personal mobile device at your comfort.

Measure No 5: is all up to you

Knowing what’s being submitted these mystical texts you maintain hearing ping in to the goal phone, it’s up for your requirements to determine how to proceed with that specific knowledge. In case it provides you with reassurance to understand the ‘secret’ communications are benign yak, that’s excellent. In case it allows you to understand that some body you trust ca’t be trusted, then that’s likely at least good to understand. Regardless, the edge is today yours, and it’s up for your requirements to determine what to do next.


It’s All-In How You Say It

Let’s present several theoretical concerns:

Might you want your own company spying for you? Might anybody reply yes to this issue?

Might you want your own company to help make sure your security? Might anybody reply no?

How about two distinct queries which are basically two methods of asking the exact same matter:

Could it be okay for the company to track all the communication occurring on its information systems? I’m likely to say yes.

Could it be okay for the company to examine your e-mails? I’m considerably more likely to reply no.

For businesses contemplating the enactment of a firm-wide cell phone monitoring device, it may be vital that you make an effort to affect what queries are being asked. It my not appear to be much and the real responses may be identical, but the delicate variations in how concerns about the change get asked may have great influence on the way this shift lies, examined and discussed inside the firm. For any business, it’s a crucial distinction to remember. Autoforward may aid for fulltime employees as well as short-term contract workers.

American workers are sensitive to their own seclusion and unwilling to take being carefully monitored. And in once, they’re generally happy to assist their company triumph and will willingly acknowledge reasonable measures to help ensure the monetary achievement and ongoing protection of the firm that retains delivering them pay checks.

Like all change, manage this with some caution and fore-thought, and you could have an optimistic influence on productivity, morale, and effectiveness. Manage it badly, and workers may respond badly.

G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt: Ultimate Flexible and Portable Drive

When you look at the improved and better technological devices that are entering the market, one that thing is being emphasized on is storage capabilities. Better and effective methods are being developed to ensure that we have more storage device, but using a smaller device. When it comes to a storage device, smaller has proven to be better. If you are looking to add extra storage space to you existing device, then the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt is, is an ideal option for. It is a very tough, portable, flexible and water-proof storage device. If you haven’t tried of the G-Tech EV series device, then you will definitely find the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt to be an ideal option for you.

If you are looking to have a durable storage device that you can use in rough, wet and dirty environments. This rugged storage device can withstand drops from up to 2 feet. The G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt is capable of working with a thunderbolt USB connection, plus one can put it inside an EV housing unit, for example, the G-Dock EV. For those who have already used this storage device, they can easily testify that this is the fastest SSD portable drive that is around, that you can use through Thunderbolt and USB 3.0

At a price of 150 USD, the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt is worth the money, especially when compared to other storage devices that are out there, for example, the Sony HDD HB, which is slower and way more expensive.


Compared to most external drivers, the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt is bulky, at measures at 16.41 x 10.80 x 3.05 cm. The bulkiness is because it has a water-tight and shock resistant outer shell, which has been designed to ensure that the drive is safe from external harms. On the side of the drive, you will find the Thunderbolt cable, which has a convenient design. The cable comes with a lid so as to ensure that you keep the connector in proper shape always. The case has been designed to handle drops, on a soft surface, up to a distance of 6.6 feet. The big design that the drive has might make you think it is heavy, but you will be quite surprised to see how lightweight it is (0.82 pounds).

It is important that you not that, this external storage device does not have any security features, so in case the storage device is stolen, you cannot protect your date from getting lost or stolen.

One does not only have to use the thunderbolt cable but also, one can use the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt with a USB port. To do so, you will need to open the case and take out the G-Drive EV RAW (measures at 3.06 x 8.36 x 1.65 cm), which is the normal size of a portable drive. It has a normal Micro-USB 3.0 and an SATA port.


The setup of the drive is not that hard. You can start using the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt the moment you take it out of the box. There is no need to install software like other types of hard disks out there. When you are using either the Thunderbolt or USB cable, there is no need to a different power adapter, since the ATC is bus-powered.

When it comes to the overall performance of the drive you will not be disappointed. The drive has high speeds (135MB/s writing and 124MB/s reading), which makes the G-Tech G-Drive EV ATC w/Thunderbolt worth investing in.